2-month old BTC withdraw shows as "Local" in Electrum

I initiated a BTC withdraw from Bisq to a wallet 2 months ago.

As of now, the transaction shows as “Local” in Electrum.

Shall I broadcast the transaction again, and use “Child pay for parent” to increase fee?

Any guidance would be welcomed.

If the txid cannot be found in a blockchain explorer, rather than trying to rebroadcast and cpfp which would be costly, I suggest you resync spv in bisq to have that utxo come back as spendable, and withdraw again at a higher fee rate

The txid can be found in a blockchain explorer. Does that mean that I cannot have the utxo come back as spendable by resyncing spv in Bisq but instead only have the possibility of broadcasting the transaction again and using cpfp to conclude this transaction?

yes, if the tx is in mempool, resyncing spv will still show the withdraw as unconfirmed in bisq, so, except loading the seed into an external wallet where you double spend at a higher fee (not supported so you have to do your own diligence) you are left with the cpfp option from the receiving wallet

I get an error when I broadcast: “[…] mempool min fee not met […]”.

I found a discussion about that issue in the repository of Electrum[1]. A maintainer of Electrum suggests increasing the fee from the sender’s end. I checked if that is something I can do in Bisq but I can’t find an option to increase the fee. Is it something I can do at all? I found nothing in the wiki.

Alternatively, I am wondering whether I could wait for when lower fees will go through. According to the tx page on mempool.space, fee rate is 14.0 sat/vB, but: I am confused because Electrum says the transaction is ‘local’ - so I understand the network “does not know about it” - yet the tx is showing as unconfirmed. I imagine Electrum and the mempool don’t contradicting themselves. Any enlightenment would be welcomed.

[1] Error when RECEIVING Bitcoin: mempool min fee not met Your transaction is paying a fee that is so low that the bitcoin node cannot fit it into its mempool. The mempool is already full of hundreds of megabytes of transactions that all pay higher fees. Try to increase the fee. · Issue #8069 · spesmilo/electrum · GitHub

this doesn’t make sense, because if broadcasting fails due to low fee, that tx shouldn’t be in mempool. Try and resync SPV in bisq just to make sure, after having made a backup. With some luck that tx will not be there anymore and you will be able to spend the utxo again.
BTW bisq doesn’t support RBF.

Alternatively, you can load bisq seed in an external software and double spend that utxo at a higher fee, but that is more involved and not supported officially, so you will need to do it only if you actually know what you are doing

I resync’ed the SPV file. The amount I had previously withdraw from Bisq was added back to ‘Available balance’. However, one inconsistency is that the Electrum wallet now shows the transaction as ‘unconfirmed’. When I right click on the transaction > View on block explorer, a tx page opens. Is this latter behavior expected? I expected the transaction to have disappeared from the Electrum wallet.

EDIT: I closed and restarted Electrum. The transaction now shows as ‘Local’. Is that expected? tx page on a block explorer still says ‘unconfirmed’ though.

I guess it depends from the electurum node Electrum wallet conects to… as long as you see the utxo back on bisq, you can just withdraw it again at a high enough fee

I initiated a withdraw about 2 hours ago.

I can see the transaction row in FUNDS > TRANSACTIONS. However when I click on the Transaction ID, the webpage /txt/txnumber shows ‘Transaction not found’.

I input a withdraw transaction fee of 47/vbyte.

I expected the transaction to be confirmed much faster. Maybe I’m missing something.

How can I understand why tx is not getting confirmed? Or, how can I troubleshoot?

P.-S.: wallet still shows previous withdraw try as ‘Local’.

if txid is not found it means it was rejected by the network, so indeed the previous withdraw is still traveling through the general mempool.

Your Electrum shows the transaction as local, since it is not know by the Electrum server your client is connected to.
Electrum server is connected to a bitcoin node. The issue occurs when the bicoin node discards older, lower fee, unconfirmed transactions.
So the conenction is : your Electrum Client → Electrum Server - > Bitcoin node.
When the transaction is missing in the Electrun Server, your client presents it as “local”.

To “fix” the issue you need to connect your Electrum Client to an Electrum Server that doesn’t discard transactions (which may happen due to the bitcoin node to which the Electrum server is connected to).

You may try this Electrum server (via tor): g4ishflgsssw5diuklqsgdb5ppsz5t2sxevysqtfpj27o5xnjbzit4qd.onion:50002

Thank you both for your help. Transaction shows as ‘Local’ in Electrum, yet I can find it on a block explorer as ‘Unconfirmed’ (when I right-click on the transaction). That confuses me. I understand that when the transaction is ‘Local’, it is no longer on the network, so I expect that the tx page of a block explorer shouldn’t show the as ‘Unconfirmed’. I asked this question there: 'Local' transaction, yet can be found on a block explorer. I’d like to clarify this before I take further steps. Will post an update here. Any input welcomed.

To “fix” the issue you need to connect your Electrum Client to an Electrum Server that doesn’t discard transactions.

Thanks. I will do that. I will try changing servers, see if the transaction gets picked up again, and CPFP.

I have one question though. Earlier, I resynced the SPV of Bisq to try re-sending. After the resync, the UTXO[1] was credited again to ‘Available balance’. So I re-sent. However, as of now, the ‘Confirmation’ is still pending (a still loading wheel is showing) and ‘Transaction not found.’ shows up when I click on the hyperlink of the Transaction ID.

How should I deal with this pending withdraw? Shall I restore Bisq from the backup I made before resyncing the SPV?

[1] I’m not sure I am using the term correctly; all I mean is that the amount previously spent “showed back” in ‘Available balance’.

I am still stuck since I resynced the SPV file, and I still have this Bisq withdraw as an inbound transaction in Electrum.

In Electrum, I found a server which “picked up” the inbound transaction again, so I am ready to broadcast. That said, before I broadcast, I imagine that I should restore Bisq "pre-resync’'. Bisq still has the re-send attempt post-SPV-file-resync showing as pending right now. I imagine that the re-send attempt (still pending) will or might mess up the attempt to broadcast the initial withdraw.

Am I correct?

Please let me know if you need me to clarify.

PS: that is the comment that makes me think so:

You can rebroadcast the transaction but, theoretically, you can not perform CPFP on a “local” transaction because the UTXOs you are trying to spend do not exist, according to the servers you wallet is connected to.

I’m kind of getting lost at this point :sweat_smile:
If the incoming tx can be seen in electrum and is known to the electrum server you are connected to, I would CPFP that tx to myself at this point and be done with it

Hi suddenwhipvapor, good to see you again here. Thanks for posting. Yes, as you say, my plan is to find a server which can see the transaction, rebroadcast and CPFP - but before I can do that, I understood that I need to restore Bisq to its state prior the (re-sync of SPV file and the) re-sending attempt. So the UTXOs linked to the local transaction in question can “exist again”, I understood from someone who wrote:

Anyway, thanks again for posting. I appreciate. I will post here again when I find a moment to fix all of this.

SPV resync only looks again for a missed tx (it reclassifies all the utxos from 0). It does not rebroadcast a tx.

I think that CPFP and then spv resync is a good option.

in the electrum instance where you see the tx as “local”, you should be able to open the details of this tx and access its hex.
That way, you can copy and paste that hex on mempool - Bitcoin Explorer and then cpfp from your wallet

The transaction eventually went through.

Bisq says:

Inbound connections: 1
Outbound connections: 11

Good news, your P2P connection state looks healthy! [1]

But: I had previously resync’ed the SPV and re-sent the transaction (which was pending). Now, that pending transaction is gone. Only the one which finally went through shows up in “TRANSACTIONS”.

Would resyncing the SPV file be a precautionary thing to do at the this stage?

what you showed is stats for p2p network connection, which is not relevant to bitcoin functionality. SPV resync is only suggested if wallet state is not synced, check if all utxos under funds > send funds can be found on mempool.space