Account not getting signed

It has been acknowledge, looking by the tag it was assigned.

I was wondering if this issue has been fixed? Can I try buying bitcoin?

There is still an issue with account signing for some users. It looks like some shared data hasn’t been properly distributed, I’m working on it. If you are unlucky to trade with such a user the signing will fail, but most traders that can sign don’t have that issue.

I am trying again today on a different computer/account. I hope this account gets signed, fingers crossed!

What matters is the account that you trade with as they are the signer. If you keep trying you will probably get signed at some point, it’s just frustrating to not get signed when you should have been.

It’s the same person that I bought from before, so is it likely that my account wont be signed again?

It did not get signed. This is really frustrating. I hope this is a priority for Bisq. It really sucks to have the 0.01 BTC limit.

The same person won’t be able to sign, no, so that was expected.

It is a priority. Trying to verify what the actual problem is, and then hopefully it will be possible to fix, but it’s quite tricky in a distributed system. To help, you could send me (either here or email to the part of your log that looks like:

Mar-10 18:17:30.646 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  b.c.a.w.AccountAgeWitnessService: AccountSigning: 
tradeId: uAC9Nt-16f8aa67-8eb2-4476-ae83-f4ba42352be0-127
is buyer: true
buyer account age witness info: ARBITRATOR signed by an arbitrator and can sign peer accounts
seller account age witness info: ARBITRATOR signed by an arbitrator and can sign peer accounts
checking for sign trade: false
is myWitness signer: true
peer has signed witness: true
trade amount: 1000000
trade amount is sufficient: true
isSignWitnessTrade: false 

Unfortunately, there is only 1 person with a signed account that’s selling 0.01 BTC in Canada. I sent you a PM with that portion of the log.

Thanks for your help!

Has there been a fix to this (I’m running V1.3.5)? I have just experienced the same issue. I’m a new user looking to get my account signed. I decided to post an offer to buy BTC at 4% over market value, and maybe I got unlucky and the purchaser was unable to sign, no big deal. After that trade, I decided to just purchase some BTC from a market maker to guarantee the seller had a signed account. I had to take a hit of 9.5% over market value because trading volume is so low, but I at least got a pick of trading with someone with a signed account. Unfortunately though, my account still did not get signed. 2 trades and no signature, really frustrating.

Seems to me that this is creating a mini market for people just trying to get accounts signed. Where people jack up the rate for selling BTC at or below .01 BTC (there are actually no offers below .01 BTC on the market currently). As of right now your looking at a 9.5% markup with members that have signed accounts less than 30 days and 15% or greater markup with members with signed accounts over 30 days.

Also, I was wondering why the limit is paired to a BTC amount and not a cash amount? If BTC goes to 20k or 100k (for arguments sake) will the limit remain at .01 BTC?

The limit is set in BTC because trades (trade funds, security deposits) are set in BTC. If BTC price skyrockets, the limit will surely be changed by the DAO.

I’m thinking about ways to get through accounts not being signed. One thing you should do is report at keybase when signing fails. Also, as CAD volume is low, maybe makes sense to return back to an only account aging market.

5th time was the charm. A part of the issue was on my side, I was getting unlucky by not transacting with people that had aged, signed accounts. I had to pay the 15% fee, but was able to finally get signed. For some reason it took the second person with an aged, signed account for me to get signed.


Now, once you’re capable, if you could sign at least 2 traders per month, it would make a big difference.

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Will do, does my account have to age before I can sign?

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Yes, 30 days.

Signed witnesses (original signers) are propagating better now, so account signing should fail less from now on for CAD.


Yo dc71, can you put up some 0.01 BTC offers?

The only person offering right now is jnveqteylfmyh5ar.onion:9999. The same person that has been causing issues for people trying to get their accounts signed.

I’d rather pay you then that person.

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FINALLY got my account signed. I purchased 0.01 BTC from a someone else. Probably dc713 :slight_smile: Thank you.


So did we determine that this specific user is unable to sign peoples accounts or has this issue been resolved?

I completed my first trade and I got the account signed notification, but then I checked my account and under ‘Account signing status’ it says ‘Not signed yet’. How do I know if my account is actually signed? Is there a way to check this while we are working through this bug? I posted a test trade to see how my account showed up and it does say that my account has been signed on the trade screen, so it seems to be inconsistent within the application and i’m not sure which place has the definitive answer. Thanks

Update: After restarting bisq my account details are correct and show that my account has been signed.