An error occured buyers verified prepared delayed payout Tx

At the first purchase comes the error (see attachment)
3 attempts brought the same error.
Do DAO settings have to be made in order to buy?

Text: An error occurred at task: BuyerVerifiesPreparedPayoutTx
Exception message: TxIds of buyersBuyerVerifiesPreparedPayoutTx and sellersPreparedPayoutTx must be the same…

Advice: Start the network connection again

Looks like an error caused by the DAO being out of sync.

In your Bisq go to DAO then Network Monitor

If your DAO is out of consensus it will prompt you to restart.

If your DAO is in consensus it will likely be an issue with your trading peer. In this case try taking another offer.

Thanks for the infos.
I tested to change the DAO Setting (see Screensshot) and did a new order - but same error.

It is my first order, is it possible, that my pay-method is not ok (revolut) ?
I choosed only a little amount of money to test the system - 0,0025 btc - that shouldn’t be a problem?

These are not the right options. You are in “Settings” > “DAO options” (on the left side). You should look at “DAO” (the very last item on the right in the top-menu) > “Network monitor” (again - last item on the right in the sub-menu) > “DAO state”. It should look like this:

The “Status” should be either as in the screenshot above or sth like “your node is in consensus with everyone” (don’t know the exact wording).

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Thank you - perfect advice !
The DAO Status was not ok / Reset DAO / DAO Settings: Off / Restart / New order - it runs, perfectly.
Thanks for your help.

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