Bank transfer to Spain

While I usually expect a bank transfer to take 2 minutes to 24 hours, this time someone from Spain took my trading offer to buy my EUR and sell me BTC. It took four days until he confirmed and finished the trade and to my very short message like “kindly see your bank balance and respond to me” (in English and Spanish), the seller did not respond.
The trade before took about 5 minutes.
Just so you know. In Spain, mentaility is like… If I don’t come today, I’ll come tomorrow. :smiley: - eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

sellers are required to release btc within the trade window after receiving payment, no need to release immediately after (actually doing the opposite protects from chargebacks), and no trader is required to reply in chat, so this could happen again in the future

Yep, all you say I already know. I was giving away my experience to verify that it’s true what is being said about Spain.

can’t say that I’ve come across this specific kind of report about spanish users