Bisq disappeared from computer

Hello, while I was trying to install the Bisq-64 bit -1.9.9 update, I was kept in a loop of constantly repeating the same operation, and at some point, Bisq disappeared from my computer altogether. What should I do?

OK, here is an update…

I tried to re-install Bisq and this is what happened.

When I try to install Bisq, the Setup Wizard says that the file already exists on my computer (even though I cannot find it anywhere). Then, I say that I want to install it anyway. What I’m getting then is that “some files that need to be updated are currebtly in use”. So, I ask the wizard to close them, and after a while, this is what I get: “Error writing to file. C:/users/etc/AppData/Local/Bisq/runtime/legal/ Verify that you have access to that directory.” Impossible to go any further.

OK, problem solved! Thanks Telegram Support Team!

How did you solve it?
Maybe someone needs to know how to solve this in the future.