Bisq is not a company?


Bisq claims that it’s not a company, but who runs or owns the domain

The domain name is controlled by the Domain Name Owner:

This is a Bisq DAO role.

Right. So Manfred Karrer is the CEO of Bisq Network (according to his LinkedIn), yet The DAO ‹ Bisq - A decentralized bitcoin exchange network claims that there’s no CEO. There’s no way both can be true, right?

I have not seen it but I imagine the LinkedIn has not been updated for a long time.

Manfred Karrer was one of the Bisq founders.

Bisq was set up with the intention to transition to be a DAO. Overtime Bisq has become more and more decentralized. The CEO role is no longer required as it has been distributed to the DAO / contributors. Bisq transitioned to be a DAO in 2019.

For earlier history see the bitcoin talk thread about Bisq Square (Bisq’s previous name): - The P2P Fiat-Bitcoin Exchange

Bisq it not a company. I would describe it as an organization though.