Bisq somewhat works on Raspberry Pi


I shared my experience running Bisq on RPi 3B+ here.

If anybody is interested or willing to try it, please comment.


Hi Leshik,

I’d love to get Bisq working on my 3b+. I am a junior dev starting out so my knowledge are limited. I’d need some help troubleshooting it. I read your post on Github but to be honest I don’t understand much.

I think making it easy for everyone to run Bisq on a Pi would be great for Bisq as right now you have to leave your computer running which can be quite annoying and impractical.


Is a headless node + RPC planned? Much needed. Pulling in the whole graphics stack as a dependency for the always-on ARM-board use-case is not fun.

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I believe it is in the works. Let me find you the Github page.

Edit: I think this is it:

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