Bisq trades can be linked together with the peeling transactions from trade fee payments

Is anyone willing to explain the privacy/anonymity issue described below in practical steps that the Bisq trader is doing while using Bisq to trade Fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto, if applicable, please? Meaning how to avoid following issue step by step.


Unlike AgoraDesk(&localmonero), “Bisq trades can be linked together with the peeling transactions from trade fee payments, so you would have to make sure you are paying fees with a different utxo each time, it can absolutely be done but needs a watertight utxo selection protocol” … “Funding from external wallet each time helps to separate the trades onchain as well as not using BSQ.” - that statement negates this one: “You can just trade your BTC and only they and the counterparty will know the details of your trade.”

I am using Electrum BTC wallet and not found easy way to customize UTXO (unspent transaction outputs) used in my payment. The complicated way has been described like this:

Coins tab, select unspent transactions outputs (UTXO) - clicking first, holding shift and clicking one in the middle of the list and under button with the tools icon, that is on the right side, click option “Coin control”. Now I have clicked to make a payment and clicked the Max button to prefill maximum amount that previously selected UTXO can cover.

The security deposit and change from trading fees, when returned to your wallet and used to fund next trade, makes the next trade linkable to past one.
Also, the multisig deposit metadata makes it evident that it’s a Bisq trade.

The way I would go for higher privacy is to send funds out of bisq after a trade and send completely new funds then, and using a mixer for the change and security deposits.

also see here Privacy on Bisq explained