Bisq won’t connect to BTC network peers

Using Bisq v 1.9.9.

Tried deleting tor files (except hiddenservices) within btc_mainnet file in my Bisq directory, and also tried uninstalling and reinstalling tor. Successful connection to 10+ Bisq network peers. No issue with my node.

I’ve downloaded v 1.9.14 online, but last time I updated Bisq (in Jan 23), the updated Bisq version refused to connect with my old account / file directory, so I had to create a new Bisq account and wallet from scratch, and I don’t want to have this same issue repeat (hence why I’m trying to salvage connection with v 1.9.9)

I’m not a developer (just some basic technical knowledge) so please forgive me if the solution is extremely obvious, really at my wits end here so any advice is appreciated. This issue has been ongoing for 2 weeks now.

You should run 1.9.14 in any case. I suspect you configured your custom bitcoin node to connect to, and maybe this connection is not working anymore, but you can revert to default nodes: Connecting to your own Bitcoin node - Bisq Wiki see troubleshooting section

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Hi again. Thanks for your reply. I still haven"t been able to resolve this issue. I tried running 1.9.14, and deleting all local Bisq backup files, with the plan to eventually restore my wallet from seed phrase.

Now when I try to run Bisq, I get an alert that the SVP file has been corrupted and needs to be redownloaded. I agree, and then I get the error:

Cannot invoke “bisq.core.btc.setup.WalletConfig.getMinBroadcastConnections()” because “this.walletConfig” is null

It seems like Bisq still believes I have a wallet on my computer and is trying to run the app as if I am an existing user, but I want the application to treat me like a new user, where I will only input my seed phrase after startup.

Are there hidden files somewhere from Bisq that I am missing? Is there somewhere else I can look on my computer for Bisq config settings, or other files that are giving conflicting signals to my newly-downloaded Bisq app? I’ve searched Finder and can’t find anything…

I am running macOS Monterey 12.6.1

It’s worth mentioning, I also deleted the Bisq app after deleting my backup files and re-downloaded the app. I’m not sure if this matters, but I thought that would also eliminate any associations between the app <> expected local files…

you have to delete/rename the data directory to start from scratch: Data directory - Bisq Wiki