BTC->GBP trade confusion

I have lost a couple of fees through mistaking the buy process for the sell process when setting up a trade.
I believe I’ve seen something similar when an offer to buy BTC appeared to be too good to be true, but was quickly cancelled.
The final confirmation child window says something like “You are making an offer to buy BTC for fiat”
and it is only at that point does the confusion evaporate.
It may be that my logic does not work like other peoples, but I’d be interested to hear if others have also lost fees because of this.

I think at least one user a month makes a mistake where they meant to buy and sold or vice versa. There are upwards of 3,000 trades a month so the percentage of those that make a mistake is pretty low.

There have been various proposals made on GitHub about making it clearer but I think the consensus was that the current set up is using established practices for trading platforms.

To avoid losing fees it is best to go thought with the trade even if you have made a mistake.