BTC Sell Offer Disables After 5 Seconds

Hey guys, I saw another thread about this but I’ve:

rebooted PC,
Rebuild DAO from resources
turn on a VPN in case tor was being blocked somehow.

Only strange thing is my “light” in bottom right is yellow not green, and it says no inbound connections, so I presume that’s why the trade offer gets deactivated.

But… I am connected to the internet so I have no idea why I have no inbound connections?

Thanks everyone

Got the green light now but still, disabled after 5 seconds every time I re-enable! How can I get this trade through?

Check if the clock on your computer is set correctly. If this does not work, it might be many different possibilities, like bad connectivity or maker transaction not broadcasted.

Hey man, I realized it’s because the maker TX has been unconfirmed now for over 2 weeks. What are my options?

Was thinking of cancelling the offer but I assume the btc tx remaining pending will stop any new maker tx from confirming (even with a higher fee) until the unconfirmed tx finally confirms or fails.

Not sure how long it takes to fail, I thought 2 weeks was the cutoff point. The tx has low fee of 13 sats per vbyte so given the congestion it is fooked.

Might still confirm, only thing to do really is to wait it out.

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Thanks Pazza, guess you are right - it looks like it just “resent” on block explorer since it now shows as 1 hour old instead of 2 weeks haha. Seems another miner put it in it’s mempool

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Finally confirmed after 2.5 weeks lmao

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Hope your trade peer is still about :crossed_fingers: