Buying on L2 (Polygon)


Does anyone know how to ensure the coins I buy on Bisq go into my L2 wallet and that the seller is also on L2?

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What is an L2 wallet?

Sorry, I should have phrased my question better. I was just wondering how to ensure the coins I buy on Bisq are on the same network as me? Say, Polygon?

Ok, Bisq is a bitcoin trade protocol so one side of the trade is always bitcoin. This is on the bitcoin blockchain.

Most trades are for fiat. The trades that are for altcoins are usually XMR or ETH, and take place on their respective chains.

For XMR trades, should the deposit be XMR rather than BTC?

Bisq uses a bitcoin multisig protocol to secure trades. All trades have one bitcoin as one side of the trade, therefore, bitcoin is used for the security deposit.