Can't confirm payment (v1.5.1)


The first time I have this situation and didn’t see someone with a similar case but my problem is very much like this one.

I sold bitcoins, the person made the bank payment to my bank account, but I am unable to confirm that I have received the payment and therefore the buyer receives the Bitcoin.
The application is stuck on “waiting for payment”. I tried to contact the person in case they forgot to click on “I have paid” but no answer since then. And the delay is only for 2 days now.
I’m in a situation in which I don’t know if it’s a kind of bug or if the person is playing with me

I tried to make an SPV resync but in vain, I tried to delete the application and use a backup generated just before but still, nothing.
I don’t know what else to try

Any suggestion is welcome.
Thank you

Your issue is similar to this one: Message of payment sent but not yet recieved by peer

Press ctrl+O to open mediation. Ask the mediator to suggest a normal payout as you received the payment but can’t confirm the reception to free the BTC locked at deposit address.

I just encountered a similiar issue and opened a mediation. However, wanted to share my experience in case it helped with the root cause analysis assuming developers are monitoring this space.

I had placed an offer to buy BTC. Offer was excepted by peer and deposit tx confirmed. Next, sent payment to peer and then clicked the started payment button. The “payment started message status” was listed as “Message arrived at peer”. However, peer mentioned they were stuck waiting on blockchain confirmation. Peer then resynced SPV file and it solved their problem. However, peer mentioned that I still needed to click the “started payment” button so that they can release BTC. At this stage there is no option for me to click the started payment button again.

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