Catch 22 crap from "matrix" chat

I signed up to matrix chat ( thinking that I might try the micro trading to start with bisq. Only to find that I can’t gain access even though I signed in on my PC and my phone. Each device is asking for verification on another device but neither device is prompting me to verify another device. I mean WTF? why is there a curve ball at every corner?

this should only happen if you already have an account on matrix chat with that same email… but if I recall correctly, I once just dismissed verifying and matrix only warned me that without that step I would lose the previous history, I guess you can do that too

Hi, the problem was I was using the element web interface and not the desktop app. I installed the desktop app and got the verification notices lol. Thanks for replying !

desktop app is more doxxy and that’s why we all mostly use the web client, which comes with other downsides tho

I went for the web client first thinking it’ll get me started faster but no luck like I said with the verification. Desktop: “Verify me on your phone.”
Phone [oblivious to desktop]: “Verify me on your desktop.”
Desktop: “Hey I’m still waiting for your phone verification so you are not allowed to post.”
Phone: “I’m not letting you go any further until you verify me on your desktop.”
And so that is still the situation with the web interface. I’m trying to think of something else to try but nothing is happening.

yup, matrix can be like that… I stopped asking questions about it myself :sweat_smile:

I ignore the verify by device option (as it never works for me) and just choose to verify by key each time.

Verifying by key seems to be consistently successful.