Chat messages with Bisq daemon

I am currently implementing an automatic trader (just reached beta stage) that is using bisq-daemon with gRPC calls. Now that the basic functionality is working, the following “problem” came up:

if trading peers send chat messages (or even worse: there is a dispute that needs to be resolved and a mediator tries to get in contact), how do I access these messages (and maybe even reply to them) using calls to the daemon? I tried to find something usable in the API docs, but to no avail. Is “chat” only available on the desktop?

This question goes beyond the help level we can offer in here, you will have better luck reviewing

and/or contacting the dev who maintains the api

Thanks for answering.

Maybe other developers using the Bisq daemon have a similar “problem”, so we could join forces to find a solution for this. I will also try to find out how to get in contact with the developer(s) working on the API on the Bisq side of things…

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