Crypto >> debit/credit card

There are plenty of questions about buying crypto with plastic but nothing (I can find) about selling crypto to spend with debit/credit cards.

So I guess I’ll be the one to ask the stupid question. Is there any “reputable” way to spend crypto via EUR/USD/plastic? I guess I’m talking about a nameless (physical) prepaid debit card…? (obviously minus KYC/AML/getting scammed/getting in legal trouble/etc) The few I’ve seen were super-sketch™.

I’m aware of some of the crypto to giftcard providers out there. I’ve seen some crypto to “virtual card” providers but they are limiting.

Is there perhaps an app provider to pay via NFC/smartphone?


Does this relate to trading on Bisq.

Debit / Credit card spending is not really possible on Bisq.

You can buy bitcoin using a credit / debit card using Amazon E-gift cards as the payment method.

You can also buy bitcoin by funding a TransferWise payment method with debit card

Not aware of any way to use Bisq to sell bitcoin and get funds on a anonymous credit card.

This is offtopic, but one of such services is “prepaid crypto debit cards” by fcfpay, it’s not the only one, but has one thing in common with all the others: high costs, as any privacy oriented service. In other words, they will get rich out of your purchases.

There are 2 ways to use your crypto to make anonymous payments via prepaid visa card:

  1. see
    for one off payments anonymously
  2. If you are living in Central Europe (Best in Czech republic) you can buy in some local sellers FREEPAY anonymous prepaid Mastercard credit card by Komerčni banka (see