Error Decipher?

Does anyone know what this means:

Jan-28 06:35:18.619 [BlockingClient network thread for xxxxxxx.onion/<unresolved>:8333] ERROR Error trying to open/read from connection: xxxxxxx.onion/<unresolved>:8333: Connect timed out 
errors (END)

seems an error with the bitcoin network client, there is a bitcoin peer defined by that onion which is not reachable/workable, so if that’s your own bitcoin node, it is probably not correctly configured

I don’t know if it’s minor but it’s obviously just a translation problem, not like it’s some huge error. It is incorrect english but it didn’t hold up operation. Still, for this reason I was correct to report it.

Being used to error messages in log, I personally find that coherent with what I usually see in other applications’ logs, but I understand how a “normal person” would find that obscure :slight_smile:

The reason it’s more obscure than, for example, a postfix log, is because there is no lookup to explain exactly what it means and what to do about it. You yourself didn’t know if the error was on my end or the other ehd. That means that it was not “coherent” to you either. If the error message doesn’t tell you what to look into, or even whether the problem is on your end, that pretty much defines incoherent.