Filtering out offers based on percentage difference of market price

I’ve seen some offers that are e.g. 30% higher than market price. It would be great if there was a way to filter out such offers from the buy list. I had hoped the ‘Max. deviations from market price’ setting would do this, but it does not seem to and I’m not sure what that does. Thanks.

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There are many hopeful idiots out there who will try to sell things for exhorbitant prices. eBay is full of such people.

‘Max. deviation from market price’ is explained here:

Originally I expected it to work the same way you did, but it is there to guard against entering a wildly variable price when creating an offer.

You cannot create an offer >20% difference to market price. But if u use a fixed price and the market price moves a lot in the meantime your effective price can be further away. Also not all altcoins have a market price…
In the next version the trade fee will be higher for offers with far distance to market price as they don’t really help the exchange much (most of those offers stick there forever) but create costs for the P2P network.

I do not necessarily see these offers as a problem. Each person can have the expectations were they like if they can handle the frustration out of it. IMHO the problem is that as I speak I see 8 offers in the EUR market and thats the busiest. were they 8000 we wouldnt care about people hoping to get paid senseless prices.
I know BS have an starting kit (havent checked it) but I think that is the way to go, attracting more participants here. Me thinks.