Has been over 36 hours since dispute has opened, no response from mediator

I have a trade with an open dispute. It has been more than 36 hours since the dispute has opened and still no response from the mediator (leo816). I reached out on both matrix and keybase and still no response. Should I just keep waiting?

mediators have 48hrs to respond, leo in particular said he would be less reachable during this time though

@suddenwhipvapor it has now been over 48 hours. should I just keep waiting?

you don’t really have a choice for now, leo will undoubtedly be reachable again in a few days I believe but in any case he is needed to progress with mediation, waiting is the best option since the alternative, which is arbitration, will complete at a worse condition no doubt.

thanks, I will continue waiting then.
Can you elaborate on why arbitration would complete at a worse condition? Wont this be necessary if he never gets back to us?

I am sure Leo will get back to your soon. He is aware he has outstanding mediation tickets to respond to.

With regards the question about arbitration please see: Arbitrator - Bisq Wiki

What this means in practice is IF a trade ends in arbitration the arbitrator will only payout the trade amount plus one users security deposit. Previously they paid out the trade amount plus both user’s security deposits. Therefore, traders ending in arbitration will notice the following:

  • The arbitration ‘winner’ will not be compensated for the inconvenience caused by the trade going to arbitration.
  • The arbitration ‘loser’ will not be be refunded their deposit partially or in full.

I have a dispute open since August 11. Also with leo816

Hopefully leo816 will be able to respond to your ticket soon. Sorry for the wait.