High Fee Consideration

With the high fee environment in the last couple of weeks I wonder if there could be some improvements done in Bisq to ease the situation of high fees and stuck transactions.

Examples could be:

  1. RBF (at least for maker and withdrawal transactions)
  2. Not creating a separate output for the reserved funds → a check not to withdraw too much funds has to be implemented instead. This would reduce the size of the transaction.
  3. Paying the Bisq maker fee with lightning. Together with point two this would eliminate the maker transaction
  4. Move BSQ to the Liguid network as assets
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I agree something should be done to make Bisq trades more feasible in high fee environments. The ideas you have are good starting points.

There was also a past proposal to reduce the number of on-chain transactions from 4 currently to 1. This would then get rid of ~75% of the miner fees.

With a filled mempool this is thread is again a topic.

It’s ugly if one’s maker transaction gets stuck in the mempool and because of that then the offer will be automatically disabled.

I guess in the long run it will also affect trade volume on Bisq.

RBF should be implemented sooner than later or at least a possibility to pay a higher fee than the one Bisq suggests.

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Is there currently really no way in Bisq for a user to set a different fee then the automatic one?

Sending the bitcoin from an external wallet does give you a little more control with the mining fees.