How to avoid Bank trouble?

Hey everyone,

i was thinking about how to avoid trouble with my bank when i receive money from buyers.
Did anyone tried to talk to there bank about this topic directly or has experience on this?
I tried to ask as a non customer and all they have told me was they maybe have to ask for documents.

But is it a problem to clear up the transfer reason and show them the bisq trade for example?
Its legal to trade peer to peer, right?
The only problem might be not to tell them what the money was for and try to hide maybe.

What do yall think?

Have you had any trouble from your banks for receiving payments? It’s often easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to seek permission :grinning:

If you are worried about trouble with your banks set up new accounts with new banks for the purpose of your Bisq trades. At least that way any problems you encounter will not affect your day to day banking activity.

Bisq on Telegram told me to do so :sweat_smile:
I think they will shut my account down quickly if i just receive money for that reason.
Would look like a business and not a private account i guess.
Thats why id like to get some experience from other sellers how they handle it.

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before involving “business” activity on a personal account, a bank with take huge exceptions in any account holder doing anything with crypto in general, so payment reason needs to be left blank, or with yours or seller’s name in it. If a bank starts asking uncomfortable questions, it is usually because they probably decided to kick you out already.