How to get rid of a trade that is 'stuck' in open trades

Sometimes a failed trade or completed trade will get stuck in your portfolio in ‘Open Trades’

The first steps to fixing this is restarting Bisq.

If this does not work an SPV resync can fix it Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki

If neither the above options work then there is the option to delete the trade from your Bisq app. This will remove the trade entirely from your Bisq so unfortunately the trade will not be viewable in your Portfolio history.

You should only do this when you do not have any other trades in ‘Open Trades’

Do do this you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Check you do not have any other trades in your portfolio in ‘Open trades’
  2. Do a backup of your Bisq: Backing up application data - Bisq Wiki This will allow you to restore if anything goes wrong.
  3. In your Bisq app go to Account > Backup and click the ‘Open Directory’ button
  4. Once you directory is open go the file ‘db’ found in Bisq\btc_mainnet\db
  5. Close Bisq
  6. Delete the ‘PendingTrades’ file from the ‘db’ folder
  7. Restart Bisq

The trade will now be removed from your Bisq ‘Open Trades’