How to raise a mediation/arbitration ticket please

Hi, see screenshot. The payment hasn’t been received - no trace of it in the banking system after 2 days. Bisq wiki says click the “get support” button but as you can see there is no such button.

Opening the “support” tab it asks me to copy and paste something out of Github but I can find no indication anywhere of exactly what, or where I’m supposed to find it.

I have long since “open[ed] trader chat” and it’s showing that my messages are being saved not read.

I suspect the guy is waiting for the trade to time out and steal the deposit.

I’ve spent a day trying to understand matrix in the hope I might be able to talk to someone, but I now think I don’t even have the right hardware for it.

The Telegram channels all appear to be run by scammers.

None of the supposed protections seem to be working.

I have literally no idea what I am supposed to do with this. Any unambiguous advice would be much appreciated.

No button

First of all you can rest assured the peer will not be able to steal anything.
Unless you press the “payment received” button he will not receive any funds.
If the payment is not received by the time the trade period ends, you will be presented with a button saying you can open mediation, and at the point a mediator will step in, starting the Dispute resolution - Bisq Wiki

There is a telegram channel run by scammers, the good one is: Telegram: Contact @bisq_p2p

Just wait until the end of the trading period, and if the transfer has not arrived yet, open mediation. The button will appear at that time. Communicate your partner that you still have not received anything.