I can't remove or edit an offer (BTC/BRL)

Hi guys,

I make an offer to sell BTC. However, after Bisg uptade, the message below appears and always that I trying remove or edit the offer, I receive that and other warnings on Bisq (I can’t attached other prints):

How I can solve that? I appreciate any help.

Others prints:

Bisq 2

Others prints:

Bisq 3

Others prints:

Bisq 4

I believe you were on matrix reporting the same issue and another support agent gave you some pointers already?

In any case, for the benefit of other who may be reading this, the error is telling you that the “maker fee is already spent”, which means your Bisq wallet is most likely in a wrong state, and you need to do a SPV resync

Thanks for your reply but, I already made that and didn’t solve. Bisq continuous show me the same warnings…

could be one of two things: the single SPV resync wasn’t enough (I know three and even more can be required sometimes) or there is a corruption in the DB file that prevents bisq from letting you delete the offer.
One solution doesn’t cover the other issue.
First one can only be solved by successfully repairing wallet state, second one by having no other offers open, and then close bisq, delete OpenOffers file in btc_mainnet/db folder of data directory, and then restart bisq. But if you do it and wallet is not current, the same issue will present itself in the future.