Inbound Connections Almost Never On

Thank you for repplying, in advance.

Since I’ve installed Bisq on my Windows 7 computer and Linux Mint, I’ve bearly got any Inbound Connection. It usually only connects for less than 1-2% of the time that the software is running, even though I’ve let it running for hours straight. Most times, it doesn’t even connect. And I don’t feel that it’s safe for me to negotiate like this.

I’ve tried to solve this issue as discribed in the items below on Windows 7, sometimes more than once. I’ve:

  • re-installed Bisq;
  • deleted Tor folder for a new one to be created;
  • turned on and off Tor for Bitcoin network;
  • turned on and off the firewall;
  • included Bisq’s open doors as shown on Setup/Network Information on Bisq’s tab into my firewall;
  • re-synced SPV;
  • used VPN;
  • turned on and off AVG anti-virus;
  • turned on and off my internet connection, tried 2.4 and 5.1 GHz and tested it with SpeedTest;
  • installed Bisq on another computer with Windows 7 using the same local network with the same result;
  • installed Bisq on a VMware Workstation 15 Player virtual machine with Windows 10.

On Linux Mint, I’ve:

  • installed and re-installed Bisq on three Linux Mint installations on two computers with the same result;
  • installed Bisq on a VMware Workstation 15 Player virtual machine with Linux Mint.

In the case of Linux Mint Installation, the Bitcoin Mainnet update has been super fast compared to that of Windows’ incredibly sloooooow update. And, sometimes, the Inbound Connections are a bit easier at first, but after the first or second time that I run Bisq it falls to the same issue as described above.

Can anyone help me with it, please? I really don’t know what else to do and I’m about to give up.

most of your tried solutions have nothing to do with the issue, but I guess you did try everything just to make sure.
I know bisq tries to connect to itself on start, using your own onion address, to verify you are “connectable”, and will throw an error in case it can’t, so if it didn’t happen for you it means it managed to do a loopback connection through tor.
Inbound connections happen at random when another peer picks your onion address to connect to, so it can take really a long time before you got some, and since you did get them a few times, it means you are capable of receiving them, maybe just very unlucky or your connection to tor is flaky in general because of your isp? but then, you say you tried a vpn as well… I don’t know what to suggest, honestly