Is paying $1 extra - OK?

Here is a “problem” - BISQ maintains a ledger of all dollar transactions which enables “my wife” to match my bank record against BISQ’s ledger and determine which past transactions were BTC purchases. This is really a slam dunk when you have more than ~10 transactions - me arguing for a coincidence where my banking statement matches BISQ’s ledger gets weaker the more transactions there are that match.

Given that the ledger is still a useful feature and should not be removed for privacy concerns, would it be OK for me to pay the BTC seller a $1 or $2 or $3 extra to break the link between the ledger and my record?

Thank you.

This is a good as reason any any for improving the privacy afforded to Bisq traders in the Trades Ledger!

Paying over the amount should not be an issue for any seller.

You could also combine payments if you take multiple trades from the same seller.

You could also explain to your wife the importance of building up a stack of No KYC bitcoin and get her on-board with escaping the fiat system!

I believe this “wife” of his is a special kind of SO who you can’t reason with and whom you can’t divorce from…

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