Just lost all my crypto

Hello, I logged in this morning into bisq after around six months. It looks like bisq created a new wallet and all my coins are missing. I have my password and the recovery keys, don’t have the wallet’s address. Can you guys help me recovering my coins? Thanks!

Edit: Bisq client still has info of my bank account, so I imagine there’s still some way to pull from, but all data from my transactions, support tickets, etc… is just missing.

First check the Bisq you are using is the same as the one you have the recovery keys for.

Go to Account - Wallet Seed

Does the wallet seed match the recovery phrase. If so it is the same wallet. If it does not match then it is a different wallet.

If it matches try doing an SPV resync to make sure your wallet balance is correctly synced


After the SPV the wallet should show the correct balance.

You can then go to Funds - Transactions to see a list of the recent transactions

Check you recognize all of these.

Yes, just checked and it’s definitely a different wallet the one that appears in my client. What can I do about it?

the only way to recover the funds is recovering the seed that the funds were stored on. You could use even an old backup for that