Looking for callobration



We recently started our business and we are collaborating with different exchanges. If you will partner with us, then we will bring more new coins to be listed on your exchange. You are allowed to charge your listing fee from them. We don’t need any commission on that listing fee. All we need you to provide us two accounts, for which the trading commission charged will be returned in every one hour. Which means we want you to charge no trading commission for the trades that we do on the pairs that we brought to your platform and made them listed on your exchange.

The basic idea, is that we will be using those two accounts, to increase the volume of our clients and we might be doing automated + manual trading.

We can maintain/increase trading volume for the coins preferred by you, which will also improve the ranking of your exchange over CMC.

We can further look into possibilities of what we can offer to you so that we both can benefit from it and if possible we can schedule a meeting with your team.


AltMarketMakers Team


Please read this document describing requirements and instructions on listing tokens on Bisq

Bisq is an open source project, not a company. It doesn’t charge you any commission to change the code, you just need to make a good pull request.

Bisq doesn’t provide any accounts. You can create trading accounts in a Bisq client in a permission-less manner. It is a decentralized protocol, there is not central entity that provides accounts.

As for automated trading, Bisq API is close to being released, but you will have to wait for it a bit.