Missing coins. Monero subaddress doesnt belong to wallet

Hi, posting this here and in the altcoin forum as well. Sorry for the duplication.

I setup a monero wallet with subaddresses and made an offer to sell BTC for XMR.
Entered main wallet address and view key. Set auto-confirm on.
Published my offer last night.

Woke up this morning to a completed trade but no XMR in the wallet.
The wallet tells me the subaddress (generated by Bisq) doesn’t belong to it.

Main address checks out.
I guess it’s possible I entered the PUBLIC view key instead of the PRIVATE view key. But there is no way to check this after the altcoin account is created afaict.

Would the PUBLIC view key also be accepted?
Would this result in an address being generated that didn’t belong to the wallet but be accepted by the software?
There is no way for Bisq to ensure the correct key is being entered?

Where is my monero?
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi, in Monero GUI you can extract the necessary details from Settings - Show seed and keys.

If you place the public view is accepted, but you can test that the corresponding next address is correct as it’s displayed in Subaddresses field:

With the correct private view key, the subaddress ends in ...Rev. You can see this subaddress in Monero GUI at Account and clicking Create new address. Don’t confuse this with Account - Create new account.

Using a wrong Secret view key (i.e. public view key), the subaddress is different.

I’ll update the bisq wiki to explain all this, I’m sorry if you have lost funds.

At Altcoin - Altcoin accounts you can see what is the first subaddress that will be generated. I suppose that showing the private view key there is not very safe, but I’ll ask if it be retrieved.

Thank you for the response but as you can see there is ZERO check the user is entering the correct view key. Users will lose funds and perhaps consider legal action.
Just “sorry if you have lost funds” isn’t going to cut it.

I found the private view key by exporting the altcoin accounts and reading the file. It is indeed the public key and not the private.
I don’t like to cause a problem but this is a serious lack of accountability in the Bisq software.

It seems as if it should be possible to create the wallet that the coins got sent to. However, afaict no wallet software will accept a public view key instead of a private (unlike Bisq).
Please advise on a way to proceed with this.

It worries me that any user could try to pin on a software the consequences of their own mistakes, on clear instructions found in the software itself, which asks for “private view key”.
With this, I agree that losing funds is a terrible event, yet it is still initiated by the person choosing to use XMR subaddresses after reading the popup that introduces the feature, and reading the field description that asks for a “private view key”.
I also agree a sanity check is a very needed feature, which has been published on github already and will undoubtedly be coming soon enough.

The funds got sent to some wallet somewhere.
But the way Bisq performs the subaddress calculation is has no checks in it and just generates addresses into the void unless the user enters the correct value.
This is not Release software.

Otherwise I could just create the wallet the funds ended up in.

I am asking for someone over there to help figure out how to generate THAT wallet.

And yeah,
theres a bug in the code. As I said, this is not release software (or feature).

It would be proper for y’all to offer to make me whole or help find the funds. Instead of being so concerned about accountability.