Mullvad VPN

Hi, I am a new user.
I am using bisq with Mullvad vpn. However bisq does not start and it is stuck at step 1/4 connecting with Tor.
If I switch off vpn then it works fine.
Is it not possible to use a VPN with bisq?
Thank you.

Bisq works over Tor. It can work properly over VPNs, it is no issue on Bisq’s part. But your VPN might be blocking it.

There is no reason for your VPN blocking Tor, unless they want to spy and log your traffic.

Thanks for your reply.
It would be strange for mullvad to block Tor, since Mullvad VPN sponsors The Tor Project.
There must be some settings needed.

You can sponsor something just to take control it.
I don’t mean they’re doing that, but it’s a possibility.

VPN’s and Tor don’t get along very well,

I see, it is a possibility.
For the moment I channel bisq without passing through my VPN. I found that I can do so by choosing and excluding a specific app.
Is it mandatory to connect to Tor in bisq, or is it possible to change settings and avoid Tor?
Thanks, ciao.

Tor is needed for Bisq. All the p2p messages are sent via Tor so Bisq would not function unless you were connected via Tor.