Multisig Payouts are missing! Trade complete, but no BTC received. Please help


I have the same problem like in the previous topic in this forum, however when I try to reply to that topic, my reply is automatically deleted. Therefore I create a new topic and hope somebody can merge it.

I bought BTC and the BTC Seller nearly instantly confirmed the payment arrival although I did NOT use SEPA INSTANT.

And then the BTC did NOT show up in my available BTC funds in my BISQ client. I already did the SPV delete & resync, too.

Where are my funds gone?

Here are my trade details:

Trade ID: FJGPNV-6f4d2ef9-ef75-496f-8413-4abf3a7e4057-1910
BTC amount: 0.0175 BTC
Trade date: 17 Jul 2023 08:37:10
Trading peers onion address: ysalyx555wxfueqqrbcq6mpkiq5i4pg5hbyf47iziexib2prtiq4qaad.onion:9999
Maker fee TX: b83b748d95ab7bb2c1f45ef3c66d507f5001c0ab43c26f959cf7426afb6d70b7
Taker fee TX: 401b17086231d95151279b82f9db6850d873d9587aee0f4d96e697409c1c5dce
Deposit TX: ebcc72fade83327d2cb5c1cbb4be3c4169fb5e99c3f796c6deccc8e4a6ebdac2
Delayed payout TX: b7457aa3d233dfa5c251930ffc4134a72c452b59f15932a69518b999b8b67b67
Payout TX: 0edb5501174ad06e9f4b1e32c0d3e7be2ce552cb66cffbc3f190f30f257e9091


Thank you.


P.S. Here is a screenshot of my BISQ client where you can see that the BTC have NOT been paid out to my BISQ wallet, the multisig payout is missing:

Hi the funds for this trade are in the multisig:

Is Trade ID: FJGPNV in your open trades or history?

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Glad this has been resolved