My Bisq-generated XMR subaddress doesnt belong to wallet. Is a view-key check performed? Where is my XMR?

I setup a monero wallet with subaddresses and made an offer to sell BTC for XMR.
Entered main wallet address and view key. Set auto-confirm on.
Published my offer last night.

Woke up this morning to a completed trade but no XMR in the wallet.
The wallet tells me the subaddress (generated by Bisq) doesn’t belong to it.

Main address checks out.
I guess it’s possible I entered the PUBLIC view key instead of the PRIVATE view key. But there is no way to check this after the altcoin account is created afaict.

Would the PUBLIC view key also be accepted?
Would this result in an address being generated that didn’t belong to the wallet but be accepted by the software?
There is no way for Bisq to ensure the correct key is being entered?

Where is my monero?
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Repeated: Missing coins. Monero subaddress doesnt belong to wallet