New version 0.6.0 released

New version v0.6.0 is out:

Please update as soon as possible!

Release notes:
Big features:

Changed fees, limits, security deposit:

  • Reduce DEFAULT_TAKER_FEE_IN_BASE_CUR from 0.003 BTC to 0.002 BTC (that is the base for a 1 BTC trade)
  • Lower miner fees by fee estimation adjustments (using maxDelay 20 instead of 10 and taking average of 12 last fee results)
  • Lower miner fee by transaction size calculation. Instead of using 600 bytes as estimation of trade fee tx we create a dummy tx to get the exact size id funds are on the wallet, otherwise we use 260 bytes for maker and 320 bytes for taker (deposit and payout tx are larger).
  • Reduce security deposit: DEFAULT_BUYER_SECURITY_DEPOSIT from 0.03 BTC to 0.01 BTC; MAX_BUYER_SECURITY_DEPOSIT from 0.2 BTC 0.05 BTC, MIN_BUYER_SECURITY_DEPOSIT from 0.001 BTC to 0.0005 BTC; SELLER_SECURITY_DEPOSIT from 0.01 BTC to 0.003 BTC
  • Use new trade limits to reflect higher BTC price
    Bank transfers: 0.25 BTC
    Swish, OKPay, PerfectMoney, AliPay: 0.5 BTC
    Altcoins 1 BTC (exception SiaFund as their price is about 3 BCT and it is not dividable, so we allow 4 BTC there)

Other features:

  • Add Western Union as payment method
  • Show latest trade price in case no price from external market price providers is available. To be used only for informational purpose not for % based offers due price manipulation risks.
  • Enable Bisq DAO phase 1 on Bitcoin Testnet: BSQ genesis distribution, BSQ trading, BSQ used for paying trade fee, BSQ wallet with send, receive and tx list screens, dashboard
  • Add new languages: Chinese, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, French, Turkish
  • Added new Altcoins: DECENT, Pranacoin, WACoins, ZenCash, Ellaism, Cryptonite, Terracoin, Internext, Particl
  • Add all missing countries (all global countries taken from;region;subregion;alpha2Code;languages)
  • Add OXT as BTC blockexplorer
  • Use new seed nodes and price relay nodes operated by different Bisq developers and bonded by BSQ
  • Use new more efficient data structure for tradeStatistcs objects
  • Add filter for arbitrators, seed nodes and price relay nodes
  • Change pw length restriction
  • Change name of IOP to “Internet Of People”
  • Remove DOGE as base currency (zero trade activity)
  • Reduce number of seed nodes for LTC and DASH (very low trade activity)
  • Removed never-traded altcoins: Advanced Internet Blocks (AIB), Anoncoin (ANC), Anti (ANTI), AquariusCoin (ARCO), Argentum (ARG), Augur (REP), Battlestars (BATL), BigUp (BIGUP), BitAUD (BITAUD), BitCHF (BITCHF), BitCNY (BITCNY), BitEUR (BITEUR), BitGBP (BITGBP), BitHKD (BITHKD), BitNZD (BITNZD), BitSEK (BITSEK), BitSGD (BITSGD), BitSYNQ (SYNQ), BitShares (BTS), BitUSD (BITUSD), Blackcoin (BLK), Clams (CLAM), CloakCoin (CLOAK), Comet (CMT), Creditbit (CRBIT), Crown (CRW), Crypto Bullion (CBX), DIBCOIN (DIBC), Digibyte (DGB), Digital Rupees (DRS), DigixDAO Tokens (DGD), EOS (EOS), EUR Tether (EURT), Emercoin (EMC), Eternity (ENT), Europecoin (ERC), EverGreenCoin (EGC), Factom (FCT), FairCoin (FAIR), FlorinCoin (FLO), GameCredits (GAME), Gemz (GEMZ), Groestlcoin (GRS), Gulden (NLG), HOdlcoin (HODL), HunCoin (HNC), I/O Coin (IOC), JPY Tether (JPYT), Janus (JNS), Jumbucks (JBS), LTBcoin (LTBC), Maker (MKR), MarteXcoin (MXT), Moin (MOIN), Myriadcoin (XMY), NEM (XEM), Nevacoin (NEVA), NuShares (NSR), OKCash (OK), Omni (OMNI), Opal (OPAL), Peercoin (PPC), Pinkcoin (PINK), PlatinumBar (XPTX), Plutons (PLU), PotCoin (POT), Primecoin (XPM), Radium (RADS), RealEst. Coin (REALEST), Ripple (XRP), Shift (SHIFT), Smileycoin (SMLY), SolarCoin (SLR), Steem Dollars (STEEMUSD), Stellar Lumens (XLM), StorjcoinX (SJCX), Stratis (STRAT), Swarm City Token (SWT), Syndicate (SYNX), Synereo (AMP), Triangles (TRI), USD Tether (USDT), VCoin (VCN), VPNCoin (VPN), Verge (XVG), VeriCoin (VRC), Waves (WAVES), Worldcoin (WDC), Xaurum (XAUR), YACCoin (YACC), YbCoin (YBC)
  • Many smaller improvements in the UI

Bug fixes, code improvements:

  • Fix wrong date handling in trade statistics charts
  • Listen to bitcoin network for deposit and payout transaction in case the P2P message did not arrive
  • Support different keys for code signing in download-tool
  • Fix bug with missing MultiSigKey (findKeyFromPubKeyHash call was used instead of findKeyFromPubKey)
  • Fix missing persistence for trade statistic object in seed nodes
  • Fix but with offer sorting
  • Use smaller font and width for TAC window on very small screens
  • Use netlayer Tor library (
  • Improved build system

Thanks for all the work. :+1::+1:
After updating to the new version I lost my trade limit. :roll_eyes:
I actually don’t want to wait two months for the trade :grinning: Any ideas anyone?

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there was supposed to be a transition period to avoid that existing traders lose their trading limit. That could be a bug, but make sure it’s not just the general lowering of the trade limits due to the rising BTC price.

The account age is not activated yet and will fade in over 3 months. But we reduced generally the trade limits because BTC price is double as it was at last update.

  • Use new trade limits to reflect higher BTC price
    Bank transfers: 0.25 BTC
    Swish, OKPay, PerfectMoney, AliPay: 0.5 BTC
    Altcoins 1 BTC (exception SiaFund as their price is about 3 BCT and it is not dividable, so we allow 4 BTC there)

Those limits are for all the same and is like your account would be already > 2months old. After 15. Feb. 2018 there will be lower limits for new accounts.

Congrats, incredible accomplishment!

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I like the decision of removing never traded altcoins. We will have to hear all the time "why is no X shitcoin in Bisq?
I didn’t know we had tether, which I consider a scam.

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Great Release! Congrats to all contributors!
Tor briges work!! I hope china friends can now connect? I can see a mix of tor and normal bitcoin nodes that im connected to as shown in bisq, is this expected?

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Yes the mixed nodes are intended. It was working also before 0.5 but in 0.5 I broke something so it was only clear net btc nodes.

Yesterday I downloaded the last version with Russian.
Looks like it works fine.
Just don’t understand, why they’re so many parts not translated at all and pop up in English instead of Russian.
There when you click on " support" popup shows all text in English, only button in Russian, same with " account" button in Russian, but all text in English!
Same thing when you try to click on buttons “sale” or “buy” their English text, not Russian!
I remember all this text was translated fine, I did it myself, and now I can see only parts of bisq in Russian and many parts there English even it was translated.
I mean, if some Russian, fluent in English, he doesn’t need Russian version at all, so it is for people without knowledge of English. But then it will be useless, because many parts untranslated.
And people will be unable to understand how bisq works and will make mistakes or after first try they will drop it.
How anybody will fill if download this version promised native language, and after click on such important feature as “account” and can see something in a foreign language and have no idea what is it?
I think this must be fixed asap, and there should be not much problem with it because all this text was already translated and I have no idea why it missed in the new version.

@cryptoross: Is that on Transifex as well? Some new text have been added and some has changed but seems that there was some other issue, so that already translates text got lost.
@riclas Any idea?

I remember, that I fixed some misspellings and made many corrections, and text missed now I translate myself and all it was there on Transifex when I finish all work. I have no Idea when or why it is disappearing.
If you like, I can translate missed parts again

few min ago I logged in Transifex and found that they’re now 190 untranslated strings! and 980 unreviewed
When I finished, all was translated! There was indicated zero untranslated. I actually after all was translated logged back few times to recheck and all was fine.
As well there on top said " This organization trial has ended. to keep using transfix please ask one of organization administrators to subscribe to a plan."

There looks like some bug or someone screwed us in purpose.

After all, new stable version finally released and it is good news!
All new always has some minor problems, this is normal.
I think, it is will be a good idea to post in bisq forum explanation in Russian about missing parts, especially in “account” and “help” with translation of this sentence.
And tell the people that bisq work on this problem.
A can do it and insure you, that if you like me to do the rest of the translation, just let me know, I will be happy to help.

Just finished translation of “account” and “support” and posted on Bisq forum with explanation and suggested users can ask questions in Russian and help each other in case of problems with understanding.
Hope it will help Russian speaking users with Bisq usage.

I just found where all lost translations stored! I logged to the transifex again and found if you click on any “untranslated” text, there under “history” all translations exist! But why it is marked as untranslated I no idea.Good news is that all translations saved there !

I just found where all lost translations stored! I logged to the transifex again and found if you click on any “untranslated” text, there under “history” all translations exist! But why it is marked as untranslated I no idea.Good news is that all translations saved there and can be use.

Yes. This happens often. It was the same thing when I translated to Serbian for the first time. I think this is because the strings get updated and then need to be translated again. Sometimes new strings are added, but sometimes it is just a small change to the existing ones like changing “bisq” to “Bisq”, removing certain lines, adding new ones, removing or adding white spaces and so on.

We should have a tread here to update the translators on any changes, that would help out.

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@cryptoross That “trial has ended” message you can ignore, that is just because we have an open source free plan and they have that confusing message.
@riclas: Could you check what happened?

When the string ID has not changes it should work without problems when updating the property files from the code.
There will be always some changes and additions but that should not be major issues.
We will probably have another release anyway soon to add the new SEPA instant payment option, so for that release we should try to get the translations fixed as well.