Open Trade Transaction Recovery

Hello. I was in a middle of a sell trade (in step 2: waiting for payment) but my device failed and had to restore bisq from backup. After restoring, I do not see my trades (current and previous) anymore.
Is there a way to restore the open trade? I can see under my “Transanctions” where I funded this trade. Worst case if I am unable to confirm payment or the trade is unsuccessful (don’t get paid from buyer) within the time limit, will the deposit and/or trade amount get sent back to my bisq wallet?

once the trade has started, and you are the seller, the only way for the trade to proceed is for you to click on the “payment received” button.
You cannot do that because the trade entry was removed after you restored an older backup which didn’t contain this trade in its database.
Contact immediately both mediators on Finding your mediator - Bisq Wiki
and tell them your onion address (settings > network info > my onion address), they will be able to match that to a dispute when the buyer will open it, so you will be directed to do a manual payout

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