Outgoing Bisq transaction still held hostage

My outgoing Transaction is now stuck for almost 3 month.
Lesson learned. I will use Monero next time for shopping.

Or a higher mining fee.

You can try cpfp (Deposit transaction pending in mempool and CPFP - Bisq Wiki), an acceleration service or even try to double spend importing the seed to another wallet.

I payed about $5 USD mining fee for a $50 USD transaktion.
Not cheap but still reasonable.
I refuse to pay $20+ USD mining fee for a $50 USD transaktion.
If such a mining fee is my only option, than the system is broken and I will stop using it.

You’ve paid nothing until the tx is confirmed. At the moment you’ve only offered the miners to include your tx at that price.
It’s not broken, just expensive.

to make it clearer, what you are paying to withdraw funds, is not a fee for bisq, but a fee paid to have your tx mined on the blockchain. That is the going price to see a transaction be included in the blockchain, bisq won’t take a dime out of those 5$

My transaction is now after 3 month and 10 days finished.
Lucky me the vendor has a well working BTC setup that accepted my payment even 3 month late. Next time XMR.