Payout transaction did not occur after support ticket closed

Perhaps I’m being impatient, but after my trade (buy) was handled manually by the arbitrator, there has been no payout yet.

The trade was handled manually because of bugs. Trade ID is 825152. According to the blockchain, the payout was never initiated:

Thanks for your help.

Edit: It has been >36 hours since the transation should have been initiated, that’s why I post.

Thanks for reporting. Might be that the peer who pushes the tx was not online. I will try it again, if it still is not published in one day ping me again, then it seems a bug and I will tell you how we proceed. But no worry we get the funds out…

Does not look good so far.

Ok, I will PM you…

Payout tx is now published:


I seem to that the same issue on transaction ID BTxMnAjL-fba70890-5258-4f00-a297-8347fbccd7b3-0499. I can’t directly contact the arbitrator as the support ticket was closed.

The payout transaction doesn’t appear to have been made on the blockchain, either to me or to my trading peer: and

Yes, true. I sent u an email with instructions for a manual payout. There was a bug causing wrong deposit txs being used in the trade. Hope thats fixed now with the todays release.

Can you resend that email? I never saw it. Thanks.

Sent again as well as PM

Should be paid out now. I sent u an email.