Problem with backup recovery

My computer died and I have lost all the data in the SSD that housed the OS.
Unfortunately I couldn’t recover the backup, although I have copied the wallet seed - my funds are ok, but I couldn’t restore the last deal I started before it died.

Problems are…

  1. I completed the payment of my last deal (fiat bank transfer), but couldn’t end the deal (confirm payment) in the BISQ enviroment because I don’t have the backup to recover it… thus didn’t get to receive the btc i bought in my wallet.
    Is there a way to end the transaction (confirm payment) and receive my funds in my wallet?

  2. Is there a way to accelerate the increase in amounts tradeable (volume per trade)? Because as I have lost the backup, my accounts have been reset to the smallest transaction volumes possible.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry to hear about the issues with your computer.

  1. A manual payout can be made. You should reach out to the mediators on Matrix ASAP to make them aware of the situation. Their contact details for Matrix can be seen here: Finding your mediator - Bisq Wiki There is no way to unilaterally end the trade other than by waiting for the time lock to be up and sending the bitcoin in the multisig to the delayed payout address. You might struggle to do this if you have lost trade data. So the best way of completing the trade is via assistance from the mediators in Matrix.

  2. No the payment account limits can not be accelerated. Just make trades with them early on to get the ball rolling.

For backup recommendations see my comments made here: 2 installations of 1 Bisq account on 2 computers: What problems would that cause? - #5 by DaraWhelan

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