Probleme nach update 1.9.12

Kann ich auch auf Deutsch schreiben?

Nach dem Update synchronisiert die Wallett nicht mehr. Ich werde auch nicht mehr nach dem Passwort bei dem Starten des Programmes gefragt.

Worin liegt der Fehler?


Are you sure you didn’t delete the existing data directory before updating Bisq? This looks like what would happen if you did that, and bisq started with a whole new wallet… in case you did delete that drectory, the only way to restore it would be from a backup of said directory, and failing that, restoring from seed, which will still not allow you to recover trades, offers, and history…

I’ve exactly the same problem. BTC are zero, my done Trades deleted and i’m not asked for my password anymore. my bank accout data however is still available… I tried to restore via my seed, however it didn’t work. Also tried the resyncing of the SPV - nothing. Any ideas…? Would be nice : )