Public Trading history privacy concerns

I think it’s a concern that possibly every trade can be traced back to a user simply by the amount and the time of a trade, with the public trading history.

Can it be private?
Or could the trading amount be fixed in different stages like:
50$ 100$ 200$ 300$ 400$ 500$ … 1000$
And you have to choose one of this amounts to increase privacy and so that it is not directly apparent which transfer belongs to whom.

I think this is more a concern with payment methods that use the same financial intermediary like Revolut, Strike, Pix, TransferWise to TransferWise etc

Less of a privacy issue with thinks like SEPA, cash by mail, Faster Payments, National Bank Transfer.

Maybe removing the payment method used would be good for privacy?

I don’t think that is so much of an issue, because most common payment methods will have many trades that get mixed in the past trades view, and less common methods, well, yes, probably one can suppose they are from the same person

I know from trusted source that agencies are comparing sepa transfers with bisq’s trade history.
The more transfers someone has on his bank account which amount are on bisq’s trade history with the time frame fitting together, the higher is the probability that they will identify you as an bisq user.

Removing trade history or predefine the amount is the only solution against this what I can see.
Else, it is just a matter of time until they find each bisq user who uses it more times.
Each trade on your account increases the probability.

This input has been brought to the attention of our team, thank you.
And by the way, how trusted is this trusted source of yours? This is indeed feasible, yet for this comparison to be done, banks must be actively involved, I didn’t see Bisq being so targeted already, not yet.