Reopen completed trade, my bank sent funds back to buyer

transaction was fine, completed on June 30th, buyer sent the funds to my bank account at However this week, as Verse announced the closing of its operations, they closed my account (2 weeks after I received the funds from the buyer) so I was not able to log in, and they requested me a bank account to get my money. However, without asking, they have sent the funds back to the buyer. They argued “security” purposes.

Therefore I need to contact the buyer to get my funds,
Can you help me please ?

Sorry to hear Verse refunded the buyer.

If you send me a private message with the buyer’s onion address I will see if I am able to message them to see if I can put them in contact with you.

btw, I got the following message from a user, looks an strange message:

Thanks @Smith_Mod is a scammer.

I have requested their account to be banned.