Reserves are Locked

My reserves have been locked since August (nearly 3 months)
Please can someone tell me how to withdral these funds.
Thank you

PS. it also says that the reserves are in my local wallet, but I have no idea what or where that is.
How can I access this?

Your reserves are for the trades you have in open offers.

You can delete your open offers and this will allow you to withdraw your funds.

However doing this will mean you lose the trade fees and miner fees spent to create these offers.

Thanks for the help here, but I dont have any open trades on the book.

reserves are not for open trades, but open offers (My portfolio > Open Offers)
If you have none there, it’s probably a good idea to do a SPV resync

There are no open trades under my portfolio. I also did the SPV resynch now 5 times. Is there any suport directly for the people that work the books internally?

there is a limited amount of support that we can/should offer here publicly, but you can DM anyone of the support team on matrix at so you can give more detailed info about the wallet.
As an additional check, create a watch only wallet and verify all the funds are actually “there”: Import Bisq wallet as watch only wallet in Sparrow - Bisq Wiki

I’m sorry if this sounds offensive, specially when you’re experiencing issues. Maybe it’s just an expression and you didn’t mean it that way, but in case you didn’t know, there is no one working the books.
Bisq developed a Bitcoin wallet and software with the ability to connect traders for exchanging BTC against fiat and altcoins. Bisq does not control funds or traders data.

Support is provided to improve the software, give info and help with the issues you might have.

I believe this issue has been fixed now in mediation support.

User was looking at their ‘open trades’ tab rather than their ‘open offers’ tab.

@madgear please let us know if that is not the case.