[Resolved] Arbitrator has yet to release funds back to me?

I have a trade that went to an arbitrator because the payer’s bank closed his account. I expected to have the coin returned to me, but they have been “locked in trade” for coming up on two weeks. The arbitrator’s onion address is 3b7cft5k4ae6a236. I tried to reopen support, but that doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestion for course of action?

There could’ve been some connection issues.
@keo is your arbitrator, please tell him your trade ID so he can look into it.

In Closed Bisq Application & Lost Open Trade
it is said that @keo is travelling for the next days.
So there will probably be some delay.
Our apologies for that.

Sooo, what are we thinking for an approximation of days wrt “next days”?

Neeeeevermind lol, just saw that all is good.

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