Revolut payment is confusing

Yesterday i made my first attempt to buy some BTC with the revolut payment. I just opened a revolut account so i have no experience with this for now.

Everything worked and i am now at the open trades where it shows up, funds are payed in.

In the bottom it shows: Start payment with Revolut. The amount, and the benificiare username.

But it does not show an @ in front of it. Is this because this user did not enter it in his profile? Or is this on purpose? For me a Revolut account starts with @yourRevolutname - bisq on the other hand shows yourRevolutname??

Can someone help me out?

I contacted the seller but he does not answer in the trader chat.

traders should best publish the complete revolut tag, but in this case, if you can find his tag by adding @ at the beginning, then it should be considered okay to send the payment