Revolut "Source of Funds" query

I got the disturbing “source of funds” query in the Revolut app. I have nothing to say to them.

Does this mean they are going to freeze my account, or is this something they just send to everybody now as a matter of form? Surely they don’t need to pursue this now they are no longer based in the UK?

But if they are going to freeze my account, how long have I got?

Also, people who have left Revolut, what did you find was a good alternative?

Hoping Bisq keeps going strong despite all these challenges from the fiat world!

They will likely close your account if they are not satisfied with the answers you provide.

Revolut are a pain for closing accounts.

I would recommend not using Revolut for the moment and transferring any fiat you have out of the account.

Wise is a good alternative to Revolut for multi currency payments: TransferWise - Bisq Wiki

But they also like closing users accounts.

Alternatives to that would be using a traditional bank and use whatever countries most popular payment method et:

UK: Faster Payments
US: Zelle

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