Sorry if previously asked, but couldn't find it

I didn’t use bisq for 2 years and now a new version is available. For some reason the automatic update doesn’t work and a message saying I should update manually appeared. I downloaded the latest version but before moving on I would like to know if I can simply overwrite the old version with the new one or if I should do something more before that.

Thank you in advance

I suppose after two years you don’t have any open offers/trades, but you could have signed accounts and some funds maybe.
Just install new version over old one, and if any errors connecting to the p2p network happen, it’s probably because you are on an old v2 onion address, in which case close bisq, delete the whole tor folder in the data directory

Ok. But won’t I lose all stored data in the previous version if I do that?

The data directory keeps your Bisq info.

When you install a new version it overwrites the application directory so your seed / funds / trades etc are unaffected.

Try installing the latest version of Bisq and post here if that fixes the issue.

Always good to do a backup first. If you cannot access Bisq this is how to correctly backup:

I overwritten and apparently everything is working correctly. I will make a new transaction just to confirm. Thank you for your help.

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That is great. Any problems, just let me know.