Switching to a new data directory - moving BSQ

An older post I found about this mentions moving the BSQ between the old and new Bisq instances, but I’m not sure how straightforward that is to do, so just want to make sure I have it right before I go ahead, if anyone can eli5 about old vs new instance and accessing them, that’d be helpful, thanks!

we have a guide for that in the wiki: Switching to a new data directory - Bisq Wiki

I am aware, and have obviously read through it if I reached the point of asking about BSQ, which is not clear in the guide, which is why I’m asking here, so an answer to what I actually asked would be helpful (E: not trying to be rude, but I asked a specific question for a reason, an answer to that question would be nice).

with you asking how straightforward it would be to send over BSQ I though you didn’t read it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
You start the two Bisq instances, get a BSQ receive address on the new one, send all your BSQ to that address from the old instance, first of all.
Then you do the same with the BTC.

If you move across all BTC first, there won’t be any left to pay for the mining fees to send BSQ over

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I could have probably been more clear, sorry…

this is the part I’m having trouble with, I assume once I switch to a new directory, when I launch bisq I’ll get the new version, and I’m not sure how to then get the old one too, to then send the BSQ. The wiki mentions using powershell, which I’m not very confident using, so that’s the point I’m worried about messing up…

as long as you follow that guide to the letter there is nothing that could go wrong, unless you don’t follow the guide to the letter :sweat_smile:

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