The Long Night Is Coming


{DRGL} kills White Walkers
{Dragonglass} 2018

Wight Paper


{Dragonglass} is a decentralized peer-to-peer safehaven cryptocurrency & speculative asset based upon the final season airing event of Game Of Thrones. As the world’s first “serious-tone” meme currency, {Dragonglass} explores and represents the many striking similarities of this Game Of Thrones world and current situation of Westeros- almost eerily with our own modern day financial markets and economy. The Long Night is comparable (understatement) to our current ever-approaching financial bear markets. ‘Winter is Coming’ has turned to Winter Is Here, after a long Westeros summer of 10 years… while US stocks have also been in a
bull market lasting 10 years. Central banks have fallen asleep from their many years of unchallenged tyrannical reign, growing lazy as no true contender to the Wheel has existed in ages, since the doom of valyria…until dragons or rather, Bitcoin appeared. Freedom from central banking is now possible once again-- White Walkers are awake and afoot.
Many more comparisons can & will be made, yet only revealed, through the power of meme in the days to come.

"We can destroy (central banks) using fire (Dragons||Bitcoin) and we can destroy them with Dragonglass DRGL.

{Dragonglass} has value “baked-in” to each of its 8 Million 8 total supply through the expenditure of energy used to mine it’s Proof of Work blocks of consensus (just as with Bitcoin…) Time & labour has also been dedicated towards the development of Dragonglass by improving upon it’s relatively basic Cryptonote origins, into a versatile hybrid of added functionalities, and features… Producing value thru utility of use - whether storing your wealth while preserving your privacy… or gaining necessary tools to prove with verification each payment was sent to the recipient’s address with amount details & all while remaining anonymous (like with Monero…)
Though perhaps more importantly, unlike most projects, {Dragonglass} takes a creative approach toward the project and overall user experience- not just plain ole numbers on a screen…

For in a deflationary environment, it is creativity which becomes the rarest of all commodities…

DRGL is listed exclusively to Bisq in order to help show that Bisq will become the trading platform we all know and believe it can be. Not only the safe & decentralized exchange platform it is, but also a serious trading & investment platform with serious profits. As DRGL is not a token, but a coin of its own blockchain- this same blockchain moves to facilitate any and all trades made on Bisq using DRGL; while also making any chain-freezing tactics to manipulate asset prices commonly used on centralised exchanges, entirely contradictory. Having had plenty of opportunities to pay, or even not pay a fee to list on centralized exchanges- we have instead chosen the long road of decentralization- at every turn.
When Bisq is an option - nothing else is.

But, I digress… as these are all just the ‘inner workings’ if you will, for those of us who
appreciate such depths of detail.

The original purpose for this trading vehicle (beyond just sound money) has always been to present the opportunity for all those who love Game Of Thrones, a chance to prepare for “The Long Night”…be it Westeros or actual real life, by possessing a scarce & valuable resource - either by mine or trade-- all while having the security of verifyable proof of ownership abilities, thanks to the beauties that blockchain has afforded us.

Regardless of technicals, we have waited patiently to be part of a platform as revolutionary as Bisq… at the end of the day, that is where the main value of Dragonglass should rest… That we can gain more freedom and assert this such freedom from the REAL White Walkers of central banking- because of it. The Long Night IS coming, and the dead come with it. No clan can stop them, Monero and Litecoin can’t stop them, the Ethereum Alliance can’t stop them and all the forks of Bitcoin can’t stop them. Only together, ALL of us, and even then it may not be enough but at least we’ll give the fuckers a fight.

Valar Morghulis.


It should be of note, that I do not speak for an entire community. DRGL Dragonglass is a decentralized network of which anyone can, and should participate. If I say we, I mean only myself and those of whom share the same points of view, whether large or small in number…may honesty and integrity be always represented within Dragonglass, if not crypto altogether. -AJT

below is a private key to a wallet containing 8k DRGL