The "Open in default Bitcoin wallet" button has once again broken

Like so many times before, I once again find myself in an annoying situation where Bisq is randomly just broken in some weird way. This has happened on and off for the entire time I’ve used Bisq (for ages), on both Windows and Linux.

Now I’m on Linux (KDE Plasma, X11) and the Bisq “open default Bitcoin wallet” button in “Funds” does absolutely nothing. No error message. Bitcoin Core doesn’t open up (it’s running). It has not filled in the usual “Fund Bisq wallet” text with a receive address or anything in Bitcoin Core. Literally nothing happens when I click the little button inside Bisq, expecting Bitcoin Core to focus with the transaction details filled in.

What is the issue?

Also, for situations like this, it would be good if there was a different button which instead of trying to open a URI copies the URI to the clipboard (not just the receive address) so that I can at least manually enter it into Bitcoin Core.

not a dev myself, but the way that button works, is by sending a request to the system, which in turn decides how to handle that request. Does bitcoin core open when you click a similar function in another application? I think maybe either the system is ignoring said request

I did forget that I had recently reinstalled Linux (Debian) from scratch, so maybe I did figure this out before and forgot all about it…

When I look in the “default applications” and “file associations” areas of the settings in KDE Plasma, I cannot find any mention of handling URIs (such as bitcoin:blabla). This is suprising and frustrating. ChatGPT gave me some sort of instructions for doing it in a terminal, but I haven’t been able to figure that out. You never even know if ChatGPT is saying sensible things or just making stuff up…

my impression for chatgpt is that made-up information is at least 50% with very niche questions.
I would guess a bitcoin application should add a handler on the OS, reserving for itself the opening of bitcoin: requests