Trade failed "invalid maker fee"

my offer was accepted by the BTC seller, but when I restarted Bisq the trade failed with this error message: The offer with offer ID “NpGe9DqU” has an invalid maker fee transaction.
I’m using BISQ V1.9.9 on linux(xubuntu) I’ve deleted SPV and resinced but the problem is still there, I cannot contact the seller.
Not sure what to do, any help?

Hi where you the BTC maker?

See more info about failed trades here: Failed Trades - Reimbursement of Trade Fees and Miner Fees - Bisq Wiki

You can send me a private message here and I will let you know if the trade has or has not failed and if you lost any fees or not.

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Looks like this is an active trade that your Bisq instance is not showing as such for some reason.

I would recommend you reaching out for support on the Bisq Matrix chat:

Myself or another support agent will be able to help you.

Just to take it out of the way… if you are using network provided bitcoin nodes, it is known sometimes more than one SPV resync are needed (if you are connected to your own, then there’s usually no need to do SPV resync at all).