Transaction (send funds) unable to get confirmed

Hello BISQ community,

I sent funds from BISQ to a software wallet; my internet disconnected before I could receive any confirmations and now the transaction is sitting, seen by 21 peers but no confirmations. ETA on mempool transaction just keeps getting deferred.

I sent a small transaction to the software afterwards as a test, and it is getting confirmed just fine.

Any steps for what to do about my unconfirmed transaction?

if you used the default suggested fee for the transactions, then check what’s happening with mempool right now… it’s possible the second transaction was sent with a higher fee to get it immediately confirmed.
If you are in a hurry you can do child pays for parent from external wallet, sending the unconfirmed utxo to another address of yours, using something like double of the priority fee on mempool. This is gonna cost you though, thanks to ordinals and inscriptions madness

I did use the default fee but it seems rather low, maybe I’ll have to try CPFP

this must have happened during a sudden mempool activity spike, which explains why the autofee by Bisq was lower than needed for timely confirmation